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Review Among Us Apps

Review Among Us Apps


Play with 4-15 players online or via local WiFi, when you try to prepare your ship to set off, but be careful because someone will become an imposter who wants to kill everyone!

The crew can win by completing all tasks or spotting imposters and voting them off the ship.

Imposters can use destruction to create chaos, making it easier to kill and obtain a better alibi.

Laceyy Laceyy says: 

This game is very fun! ! It's well made, but I really want to add an "add friend" option to the game because I play with a lot of good people and now I can't find them anymore, and I also encountered a lot of "disconnect errors" "The problem" because I know that my internet connection is very high and this happens often. I hope you can fix these bugs and great games as soon as possible! (The new update is rubbish, I can’t even say I want to vote for Who wait.)

MITELengineering LLP says:

This game is very good. used to be. A stupid quick chat ruined everything. Please bring back the old version, no quick chat is required. Edit: Sorry, I don’t know, but even so, it takes time to install Google Play games, login, and sometimes errors occur. I understand that you are updating to prevent swearing. But even so, I still like the old version

Like the new features that can report inappropriate chatting, harassment, etc. to users. I think it would be cool to be able to add other users as "friends"; we can see if they are online and join the room they are playing, and be able to send messages to coordinate the game. For young users, this is also a safety feature, so they will not provide social media handles and phone numbers to strangers online.

and you, what do you think of this game?

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