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Easy 10 minute snacks your kids will devour


Treat the kids with these easy snacks that are light on cooking but will be on the table in ten minutes.

Ingredients oatmeal balls

You can't go wrong with a three-ingredient recipe! This is a great lunch box, or a snack for kids after school. Just use nut-free cereal to make them suitable for school use.

Mexican Bean Sauce

A simple Mexican dipping sauce, also used in Mexican schnitzel.

French toast

When the cupboard is empty, provide children with a quick and easy snack. This is not dessert!
Simple 2 minute noodle muffins
Use food pantry staples such as 2-minute noodles, corn kernels, eggs, and cream. These affordable and delicious cups are perfect for lunch boxes or afternoon snacks.

ANZAC bickie happiness ball

These 6-ingredient biscuits have all the flavors of traditional ANZAC biscuits, but in the form of a bliss ball

Vegetable and chickpea fritters

Multifunctional vegetable fritters that the whole family can enjoy.

Sizzling Cheese Bread

Have you ever gone to Sizzler for bread? Well, this simple recipe is also very good and easy to make.

Creamy corn fritters

A quick and easy snack for lunch or dinner. I promise they will ask for more.

Brownie in a glass

This is a simple and delicious snack that you can enjoy quickly!

Ricotta pancakes

Light and fluffy pancakes.

Aunt Mona's Vegetarian and Parmesan Chips

Simple, crispy toasted Lebanese bread with vegetarian food and parmesan cheese. A lighter option than potato chips or corn chips. Great snacks after class, kids can help make them.

Sesame Chicken Toast

A variant of prawn toast.

Banana Omelette

Another way to let children eat fruit, or should I say eggs?

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