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Dean Smith exclusive interview: Putting Aston Villa's poor run of form into context before the Southampton game

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Aston Villa head coach Dean Smith discussed the declining state of the team and why he believes things will change in time. Watch the live broadcast of Southampton vs. Aston Villa at 7:30 pm on Friday; kick-off at 8 pm

Dean Smith is in good spirits, if people stop asking him, he will be better. "It doesn't bother me," he told Sky Sports, "but I do understand a lot. People keep asking me if I am okay. I am fine. My family is not immune from criticism, but they are also fine."

He was always able to shut down-"years of training"-so he was still sleeping and even managed to get to the golf course on Tuesday. "I played well." But he also knows that there are some problems that need to be resolved on the Aston Villa court.

The reason for questioning his mood is that his team has lost four consecutive Premier League games. In his long management career, this is not an unprecedented experience, but Smith has never reached five times. Vera heads to Southampton on Friday.

It reminds people how fast things change. Villa finished the game with 4 points after beating Manchester United in September. "We ended up at Old Trafford. This is the first time we won there in 12 years. The world is a wonderful place."

He was then defeated by Tottenham and then had an extraordinary reversal against Wolves. Villa led by two goals after 80 minutes but still lost. Before Arsenal lost 4-1 at home to West Ham, Arsenal's performance was poor and his team was reduced to 10 players.

Smith is very satisfied with his goals in the Brentford period, is proficient in analysis, and does not want to overreact. Ruben Neves free-kick deflected for Wolves to win. The last two goals outside the penalty area kept them away from the game.

Reference: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11677/12459899/dean-smith-exclusive-interview-putting-aston-villas-poor-run-of-form-into-context-before-the-southampton-game

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