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Donald Trump posts letter in response to vote by Jan. 6 Trump Breaking News


Trump posts letter in response to vote by Jan. 6 committee to subpoena him

The January 6 committee resolution one voted to subpoena former us president Donald j. trump with documents and testimony in connection to the January 6 attack on the united satellite capitol. four months to wrap up the formal work of the committee without a firm expectation. there's going to be a written final report for this committee.  

Whatever they can glean from the former president and the issuance of the final report, will be included too.  the time frame on that is likely late November or early December whatever they find and get from the former president would be contained in the final report.  they did it face to face with Donald trump. 

Final report to avert our gaze: January 6 -. what jumped out at me most was the video of congressional leadership scrambling to be safe. the committee promised never before seen images ahead of this hearing, potentially to galvanize interest and viewership for it. they've been arguing emphatically the former president didn't do what presidents did when America was being attacked.

Someone in the room said your colleagues are in the house chamber wearing gas masks. the rioters are there you can see it in her eyes. you can see it in her eyes. what a profound moment that was. 

The American moment was playing out just then. the video served two purposes. it captured America's attention, one of the committee's goals but reinforced one of their points, certainly their striking to see political leaders from both parties in those moments in real time.

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